How to use Online Marketing to Market Your Dental Practice

If you ask any dentist what would they like to market their dental practice for on Google they usually go with the most obvious keywords searches like dentist, dentist (their zip code), dentist (their city) ect..

Not saying these are bad because most likely because of the 80/20 rule most new patients will search like that too. However, there is always an opportunity to go for the low hanging fruit and not just (“dentist chandler AZ” or “cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale” ect..)

Some of the dental services dentists should consider optimizing their websites for and possibly running Google Adwords ads are the following;

As you can see there are a lot of dental service keyword opportunities so don’t limit yourself or your website to just obvious keywords for content on your website.

Think outside the box and use keyword tools like Google’s Keyword Planner┬áto type in all types of dental keywords related to the services you offer not just what you do or what you are and where you do it.

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